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25 Nov

Amanda Ege on the Meaning & Importance of Sustainable Development

Amanda is Fairtrasa’s Head of Sustainability and Senior Manager of Strategy. In this interview, Amanda discusses the meaning and importance of sustainable development for small-scale farmers, and reflects on her own experience with rural community development and social entrepreneurship.
31 Oct
Luis Enrique Cristobal

Staff Profile: Luis Enrique Cristóbal

In this interview, the Manager of Logistics for Fairtrasa Peru talks about why working for Fairtrasa gives him the perfect equilibrium between pursuing his personal passion and helping his community and country. The interview is published on Medium.
20 Oct

Staff Profile: Peter Abma, Fairtrasa Holland

Our latest profile is of Peter Abma, Sales Manager for Fairtrasa Holland. In this interview (published on Medium), Peter talks about his experience in the organic fruit sector, the lessons he's learned, and how he expects the sector to evolve.
20 Oct

Jim Ruiz, Director of Fairtrasa Peru, featured on Farming First

Jim's story is featured on Farming First's #IAmAg blog today, which highlights young agricultural leaders from around the world. Check out the great story of how Jim chose social entrepreneurship to help empower small-scale farmers and inspire change in his home country of Peru, and why he thinks the agricultural sector offers young people more opportunity than ever before.
12 Oct

Farming First Launches #IAmAg Campaign

Encouraging young leaders and innovators to thrive in sustainable agriculture is a crucial part of ensuring a healthier world for all of us. Our partners at Farming First recently launched the #IAmAg campaign in support of this cause. Check out their website for some great stories about young leaders from around the globe!
7 Oct

Luis: Strength in the Collective

“In this life, we’re a collective. You have to develop yourself, but also help others develop. You feel satisfied when you progress personally, but connecting it to other people and groups is even greater, especially when it’s people who really need help, who haven’t had the opportunity or education to achieve what they want to achieve.”
16 Sep

Fairtrasa's First Sustainability Report

To mark its 10th anniversary as a social enterprise devoted to empowering small-scale farmers, Fairtrasa is publishing its first Sustainability Report covering the years 2005–2015. You can read it here (PDF).

19 Jul

Don Miguel: Fairtrasa Mexico’s First Exporter of Organic Bananas

In June, Fairtrasa Mexico shipped its first-ever container of Organic bananas, which arrived in Europe in early July. The company worked with a local banana farmer named Don Miguel, helping him obtain Organic certification, increase his yields, and improve quality. Check out the story on Medium.
31 May

Staff Profile: Joaquín Nuñez

Joaquín is Director of Guneta Fairtrasa, our supply and farmer development company in the Dominican Republic. Here, he talks about the work he and his team are doing, and why it's so important for his country.
20 Feb

Fairtrasa Joins Farming First

Farming First, a global coalition for sustainable agricultural development, welcomed Fairtrasa as its newest supporter! We're extremely excited to be a part of such an important organization. Learn more about Farming First on its website, which features some great resources including expert insights from thought leaders in sustainable agriculture & development.

Fairtrasa Holland Wins LatAm Trade Award

Our Fairtrasa Holland team was awarded the LatAm Trade Award 2015, chosen by a jury of members from the Netherlands Latin American Business Council and previous winner, engineering group Mammoet. Read more at Fresh Plaza, and watch the video above from Fairtrasa Holland!

8 Feb

Patrick Struebi on the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Our founder and CEO, Patrick Struebi, attended the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting in Davos in January 2016. The focus of the Meeting was the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Before traveling to Davos, Patrick published an essay at Huffington Post on the Fourth Industrial Revolution's potential impact on the global food supply chain.

10 May

Fairtrasa's First Investor Meeting

We at Fairtrasa have been working hard all year and would like to share with you what we have accomplished and our vision for the future, and to extend an invitation to join us in realizing that vision.
10 May

Fairtrasa Group celebrates 10 years of Growth and Impact

2015 marks the 10-year anniversary since Fairtrasa shipped its first container of avocados from Mexico to Europe. Read about our story and some reflections from our team at the website Fresh Plaza.
4 Feb

Fairtrasa Expands into the DR

Fairtrasa Dominican Republic (Guneta Fairtrasa S.R.L.) will source Organic fruit from several small-scale farmer associations and export it to Fairtrasa Group's import companies in Europe and the US.