Social & Environmental Impact Performance
As a social enterprise, all of Fairtrasa’s operations work toward the fulfillment of its social mission. An essential step toward fulfilling this mission is to translate it into clearly defined impact goals and to define specific metrics for measuring our performance. In recent years, we have formulated our 5 Impact Goals clearly and measured performance with the data available to us. In 2015, Fairtrasa established precise impact metrics that we have begun to track systematically starting in 2016.  

Fairtrasa's Impact Goals

  1. Help small-scale farmers to become more productive and professional.
  2. Bring small-scale farmers into the world food supply chain.
  3. Improve livelihoods of farmers, workers, their families and their communities.
  4. Improve farmer organizations.
  5. Protect the environment.

Key Impact Statistics 2005–2015

  • Over 40,000 lives positively impacted, including family members who benefit from improved income
  • Over 9,000 direct beneficiaries
  • USD 3,000,000 provided to cooperatives through NGO partnerships
  • Over USD 1,300,000 in Fairtrade Premiums distributed to cooperatives for business and community development