Fairtrasa: An Overview
Fairtrasa is a global social enterprise that empowers small-scale farmers to lift themselves out of poverty. Our unique development model gives farmers the training, resources, and direct market access they need to become Organic producers and independent agro-entrepreneurs. Through our integrated supply chain, farmers provide high-quality fresh fruit to Fairtrasa's customer network, receiving fair income for their products and help re-investing in their farms, businesses, and communities. Fairtrasa sells a wide variety of fruit products and is one of the largest exporters of Fairtrade and Organic fruit from Latin America. View our product catalog (PDF). Read the Fairtrasa story on Medium. Patrick300x250

Our Origins

Fairtrasa was founded in 2005 in Mexico by Patrick Struebi (pictured), a former executive at an international commodities trading firm in Switzerland. Patrick left his corporate career after a personal epiphany to devote himself to social entrepreneurship, and soon shipped the world’s first container of Fairtrade Organic avocados. Since then, Fairtrasa has grown into a global group of 15 companies in 12 countries, impacting more than 40,000 lives.

Our Innovative Model

Fairtrasa generates impact through our unique and pioneering Three Tier Farmer Development Model, which gives small-scale farmers hands-on support tailored to their specific needs. Dedicated local teams train farmers in organic farming skills, effective organization, building and operating their own infrastructure, and achieving independence as producers and exporters. The goal is for farmers to improve their businesses, communities, and lives—permanently and sustainably. Read their stories on Medium. In recognition of our work, Fairtrasa and founder Patrick Struebi have earned awards and fellowships from Ashoka, Endeavor, the Schwab Foundation, the World Economic Forum, the abc* Foundation, Yale University, Fordham University, and the Clinton Global Initiative, among others.

Global Presence

Fairtrasa has supply and farmer development companies in Mexico, Peru, the Dominican Republic, Chile and Colombia, and import and sales companies in Holland, Germany, Spain, the UK, and the US. View our locations and contact information.