Our Mission & Values


Fairtrasa is a social enterprise that builds honest, fair and rewarding connections between the consumer and the farmer, based on a shared commitment to high-quality and nutritious food. In partnership with Fairtrasa, subsistence farmers lift themselves out of poverty and grow to be successful agro-entrepreneurs.


Fairtrasa trains small-scale farmers through its Three Tier Development model and operates a profitable fully integrated supply chain from farmers to retailer. Fairtrasa brings marginalized farmers into the global supply chain by providing tailored training programs, certifications, financing capital, and logistical support. As a fully integrated company, Fairtrasa grows food needed by the market, controls the quality of its produce, minimizes its operational costs and is able to offer competitive prices to the market.


As a pioneering social enterprise, Fairtrasa is:
  • Dedicated to Impact: We exist to sustainably promote the economic and social development of all small-scale farmers. Small-scale farmers of every development stage are our equal partners in business.
  • Encouraging of Local Leaders: We require that the small-scale farmers we work with are trained, financed, and supported by a local team they trust, and that their own independent leadership is constantly encouraged.
  • Committed to Quality: Our supply and sales offices ensure that products of the highest quality arrive to the market.
  • Entrepreneurial: We are a company of passionate and entrepreneurial individuals who use our talents to create change in our communities and spheres of influence by providing high-quality services to our suppliers and clients.
  • Passionate About Sustainable Food: We care about where our food comes from. We insist that our food be grown in a way that protects the environment and positively impacts human lives.
  • A Caring Global Citizen: We are dedicated to being a successful business that thrives on maintaining integrity, honesty, and genuine concern for people, communities, and the environment.