Soluna Fairtrade Wines

Argentina's first Fairtrade-certified wine, Soluna represents a partnership between Fairtrasa; Bodega Furlotti, a generations-old winery in the heart of Mendoza; and Viña de la Solidaridad, a cooperative of small-scale growers and contracted workers with family-owned vineyards. Our shared mission is to preserve Argentina’s threatened tradition of small, family-owned vineyards while providing top-quality wine. Visit the Soluna website.

Soluna was founded 2005, when Fairtrasa and Bodega Furlotti helped establish Viña de la Solidaridad, the first Fairtrade-certified grape-growing cooperative in Argentina. The partnership then began producing and exporting the country's first Fairtrade wine. Soluna has since grown into a full line of Fairtrade wines crafted with the traditional Malbec grape variety, including Reserve, Premium, Premium Organic, and Primus (Gran Reserve) styles. Soluna wines have won top prizes at the Belgian Fairtrade Wine Awards (Best Red), the China Wines & Spirits Awards (Gold Medal), the Decanter Asia Wine Awards (Bronze Medal), and Malbec al Mundo (Gold Medal).

Soluna's name and logo reflect our mission: combining the complementary polarities of sun ("sol" in Spanish) and moon ("luna") in a unified whole, just as the Fairtrade movement unifies producers and consumers in a shared appreciation of healthy living and an equitable world.


Soluna Winery/Bodega Furlotti

Azcuenaga 433
M5507 ASI Lujan de Cuyo
Mendoza, Argentina
Tel: +54 261 496 0713